Birthing in the time of corona and lockdown

Last July, we had a beach play-date with V and her friends for her 3rd birthday. At some point during the play, the kids and I were busy hunting for crabs while the other parents stayed behind. At that moment, my heart was so full that I declared to the universe that I was finally ready for another baby. A few days later, V suddenly announced that she wanted a sibling, and a few days after that, we found out I was pregnant. Just like that. I thought this pregnancy was special. Of course, that was pre-lockdown.

It was a difficult pregnancy, with some complications (that seem minor now) , and I kept telling my girls that the birthing better be easy!

I was due to deliver around mid April. The planner I am, I had everything planned out to the T. The hospital bag list, a list of things for V to be engaged, a list of photographs to be taken with the husband at the hospital and even to how I’d make sure I wasn’t holding the baby when V came to visit us with her grandparents.… Click to read the rest

Premium prep school- a day at Klay

I always knew I would take a career break when I had my baby and would re-join teaching once V starts big school. But I am also aware that I’m privileged to be able to take this break. My profession is also such that there wouldn’t be an astronomical leap in technology or content in 5 years and I can take off from almost exactly where I left off. Not all parents have this privilege and I still feel nostalgic and doubt my choice once in a while.

What happens when a millennial family in a nuclear set up has a baby? It isn’t always possible to put career on hold, and take care of a baby with minimal support. What does one do in such a case? Enter “Prep Schools”.

When I was choosing a school for V, my priorities were, curriculum, trained faculty, prepared environment and a parent-friendly school with open lines of communication.… Click to read the rest

Cloth diapering 101- How I cloth diaper-ed on a budget

When baby V was about 3 months old and was outgrowing the langot stage, was when I seriously explored and considered buying cloth diapers. Once I was sure I wanted to go the cloth diaper way, I was shocked at the prices of cloth diapers. One cloth diaper costs more than 60 disposable diapers! The horror!  While the benefits of modern CDs are undeniable, the budget for buying a complete stash immediately was not feasible for me. Well, cloth diapering need not necessarily be expensive.  I’ve jotted down how we made the transition easy and, well, cheap.
cloth diapering on a budget


1. DIY

Although I am more of an Amazon prime mom, I did Pinterest some DIY hacks to get through CD-ing. Right from stitching a few thick cotton strips to make inserts to simply using a t-shirt as a diaper, a mum like me does quite a few jugaads. Do a simple search, and one would find that fitteds, inserts, flats and prefolds are pretty easy to make at home.… Click to read the rest