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I’m Vaishali of @ammatoday and Amma of V and V2. Early childhood experiences form a huge impact on the rest of our lives, and I enjoy working with books and toys for children.

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I’ve curated this collection with a lot of thought, based on my own experience and perspective as an educator, montessorian and parent.
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Ammatoday’s Deals

Newborn Toys (0-6 months)

Simple developmentally safe materials we used that support the baby’s growing vision and help in tracking skills.

Infant Toys (6-12 months)

Our favourite rattles, and wooden puzzles that helped focus, and the palmar- pincer grasps.

Toddler Toys (1-3 years)

Age appropriate toys that can be used in many ways, that are skill based, and allow the child to engage with it actively. Most of these toys are loved by V and I cannot wait for V2 to play with them.

Preschooler Toys (4-6 years)

Toys and educational materials that I use with V, that focus on particular skills like math or language, and can be manipulated actively by the child.

Our favourite puzzles

Right from the earliest Montessori puzzle to the jigsaw puzzles, this list includes some favourite cognitive challenging toys.

Our favourite Activity kits

Experiential activity kits that we enjoy doing together as a family, and that are not just busy work, but add value or learning to our lives.

Baby Books (0-1 years)

I’ve picked sturdy board or fabric books that don’t overstimulate the baby. Some of these we have overused yet, I have saved for my grandkids.

Toddlers Books (2-4 years)

Books I’ve enjoyed reading to V, books that add value to our bookshelf and books that we learn something new from with every reading.

Prepared Environment

All the furniture and furnishings that empower V and V2 to be independent and make their environment functional and joyous.

Other products we love

Just some miscellaneous stuff we use and recommend that make our life easier and more joyous.

We love books that highlight our cultural art, music, festivals, etc. These are some of the books on Indian culture that I’ve enjoyed reading to my girls.

Open-ended toys

The toys that grow with our children and can be used in multiple ways, the ones that have a permanent place in our shelf and are value for money.

Our favourite card games

Some unique games that we enjoy playing as a family, and that are fun as well as educative. They had a permanent place in our diaper bag during easy travel days.

Our favourite art supplies

Your favourite art-supplies at home. These art supplies provide sensory inputs and give hours of entertainment.

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