Reading to an infant. Really?

A lot of people have been asking why raising a reader is so important. And I thought, “Why not list them down neatly!?”


So when is the right time to start reading to your baby?

Ans. No time is too early. We started reading The Jungle Book to baby V when she was in utero. It was a way to familiarize her to her dad’s voice, and reading before bed time (well , her awake time!)

Once she popped out, we hardly got time or energy to read to her and started again only at about 3months.

WHY? (Bullet point alert)

Reading to your baby

1. How does it help me?

We love our reading time which doubles up as bonding time. It is a dedicated time when we just read, talk, interact with no other distractions. Add to that, baby V is usually on my lap for reading, I get some free cuddles and snuggles too.… Click to read the rest

Thats not my Amma.

So I sat and thought (and thought and thought) about what my first post should be about. I wanted it to be an introductory post for those who do not know me. About what kind of Amma I am, and why amma in the first place. But I am horrible at introductions.

And finally, as always, inspiration struck while reading to Baby V (2 of my favourite creative outlets. And inlets)

Here is Baby V introducing me in Usborne books style. This is also a list of the most surprising and unexpected ways in which motherhood changed me. I was prepared for the sleepless nights and physical changes. What I wasn’t prepared for was the way I reacted to these changes.


Much as I would hesitate to admit, I still cant resist beautiful and colorful clothes. I still love shopping for clothes (although Ive gone up by a size or two) .… Click to read the rest