Top 5 developmental materials for babies- birth to 2 months

Why should one even focus on developmental materials for a newborn? You need not, but I believe the early years set the tone for the rest of the journey and help the adjustment from womb to outside, smooth. Here, I’m listing my top 5 developmental materials for babies from birth to 2 months.

“The new-born child does not come into a natural environment, but into the civilised environment of the life of men. But what providence has prepared a civilisation to assist the new-born babe, man who must achieve the greatest of all efforts of adjustment, when he passes by birth from one life to another.”

Maria Montessori

5. Visual playmobiles

I do not mean the playmobiles placed above the bed or the cradle that lulls babies to sleep. Montessori mobiles are used when the child is awake and active. They help a child develop her visual sense and focus.… Click to read the rest

Sibling arrival and preparing my first born

I’ve been asked this often enough and I finally managed to list all the things we did to prep V. a fresh threenager, for the arrival of her sibling. Whether you have a biological baby, or a heart baby, I hope this round-up helps you.

Prepare ourselves

The first thing we had to come to terms with, was accept that there were going to be awkward questions, funny moments and a lot of firsts. My husband and I had to agree to be on the same page, and promise ourselves that we were always going to give V the truth in an age-appropriate manner.

Involve the child

V threading the munari

Although we were advised to wait until 3 months to tell V, the little tyke figured out there was a baby in Amma’s tummy after the very first hospital visit. There were some tangible ways V was involved in the pregnancy.… Click to read the rest