Baby books 101- All about reading to babies

We have been reading to both our babies since they were in utero, and reading is a way of life at home. But we’ve had multiple questions from folks who visit us or follow us on social media. I realise that the concept of reading to babies is still quite novel (see what I did there?) in many places. Hence, this comprehensive post on baby books.


Before reading words, babies read pictures. “Reading” books helps in their visual and auditory stimulation. Reading to children also improves their language aquisition and speech development. It prepares a child for literacy. How can a child who has not heard or seen a word, read or wrote it, no? When a baby hears more words, her neural network improves. But most importantly, reading  to a baby, helps increase bonding between the caregiver and child. You can read more in detail about the pros of reading here.… Click to read the rest

9 Diwali books to read with your kids

Storytelling and books form a huge part in the festivities at our home. Naturally, I am always on the lookout for good children’s books on the topic. Here, I have compiled a list of my favourite books on Diwali to read with your kids. I prefer books that focus more on culture than religious instruction, books that have beautiful illustrations, aren’t stereotypical in any way and are age-appropriate. This list is based on these criteria.

1. Diwali lights by Rina Singh

This is a beautiful baby book on the festival, It only talks about the lights, colours and celebrations. Accompanied by photos, and rhyming text, makes this book a great first book. The book is divided into two parts, with the latter part talking a little more in detail about the whys of Diwali.

What stood out for me: Real images of babies and toddlers celebrating Diwali

Recommended for : 0-2 years


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In my heart- a children’s book on adoption

One of the many reasons my then friend, now husband, and I connected was on our views on adoption- both of us wanted heart babies some day. But we have had to put that dream on hold for now, due to various reasons. A couple of years back, when I was researching children’s books on this topic, I almost drew a blank, save for a handful of decent ones. Which is why this book makes me personally very happy.

In my Heart by Nandana Dev Sen and published by Penguin India tells the story of little Mia, who is a heart baby. She is a happy girl, and loves her family. She knows she came out of her parents’ heart. She also knows she is similar to her parents. They love a lot of similar things- dinosaurs, books and beaches to name some. One day, she meets her friend’s mom who has a baby in her tummy, and is intrigued.… Click to read the rest