Keeping our children happy

I have a working weekend and long week ahead of me. In stressful times, I try, to remember the quote below by Robert Breault.

“In the happiest of our childhood memories, our parents were happy too.”

There is research that connects happy childhoods to happiness in adulthood, as well as health benefits. But while we plan the perfect days, playdates, environment and activities, for our children, I hope we remember that children are perceptive and pick up on our emotions easily.

There was this survey report I once read about people describing their favourite happy childhood memories that shaped them. Surprisingly, most of the answers were about simple, relaxing, moments of connection. A day spent playing in the beach, laughing at a funny movie, baking together on Sundays, cuddling in cold mornings, etc.

I asked V what her favourite memories from home so far are, and she said,
1. Reading together
2. Eating yummy food
3. Waking up to surprise notes and books
4. Sneaking into our bed for cuddles
5. Dancing together in the morning

Slight Hometown Cha Cha Cha feels, but truly, a very important thing you can do to make your children happy, is make yourself happy.

A prepared adult not only observes and understands their child, but also ensures their own cup never runs empty.

I hope you spend the weekend catching up on chores and relaxing, and doing something that fills your heart with joy.

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