Bedtime reading routines with multiples

I’ll be honest, I had a bedtime reading routine in place with V, and when V2 came along, I struggled to find a balance.
I was too exhausted and preoccupied physically, emotionally and mentally, to just pick up a book and read.

But we did establish a solid bedtime reading routine with the girls early on, and that remains my favourite sanity saver.

bedtime reading with multiple children

Here’s a list of easy tips that helped while transitioning to reading to 2.

1. In the early days it’s about easing the transition for the elder child.
I remember nights when V2 would be more interested in feeding and I would nurse while reading to V. It was a reminder for V that she was still loved just the same, and reading together was important to me.

2. We usually first read V2’s book and then V’s. It’s an opportunity for them to wait for their turn, plus a chance to hear two books.… Click to read the rest

Baby walker 101 : A montessori perspective

Once your baby starts pulling themselves up, either people around or data mining on social media will throw walker suggestions in your radar. What is the deal on walkers? Are they montessori? Are they recommended? And most importantly, are they necessary?

A montessori perspective on the walker
A montessori perspective on the walker

Commercial walkers

Walkers, and other commercially available movement aids hinder development in the same way. They make a child mobile so quickly that he sometimes just gives up on his own attempts when outside the walker. They also give the child misinformation about where his “space” or body ends, and how legs really work, confusing messages that have to be relearned later.

Susan Mayclin Stephenson, The Joyful Child: Montessori, Global Wisdom for birth to three

That quote really sums up the case against commercially available walkers. For one, the baby depends on the adult to be put in and out, which straight away removes independence and need to walk.… Click to read the rest

Pregnancy books India

Best books to read during pregnancy – Personal favourites

Of course, there are a gazillion apps, blogs, and websites now to take new parents and parents-to-be through pregnancy. But nothing beats the comfort of a good book. It is like a good friend who has your back throughout the transition. Here are my top favourite books, based on my personal experience. Do note, my experience is limited, and I prefer wholesome and positive books that can be read by both parents (if applicable).

pregnancy books india

My top 2 books to help through pregnancy

Strong as a mother

Most books focus on the size of the growing baby, and the physical changes in the mother. Strong as a mother talks a lot about the emotional changes, upheavals and anxieties, and how to heal.

The Big Fat activity book for pregnant people

If you are a parent-to-be with a sense of humour, this is a must-have for you. With sections like things you cannot do now, practical pregnany shoot tips, it is interspersed with fun quizzes and mazes along with information.… Click to read the rest