The true needs of a newborn- Montessori from birth

Somewhere in my last month of pregnancy, I started making a list of things the newborn and I would need. As I reflected on the needs of my soon to be newborn,  I realized that we focus on the commercial mundane. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the true needs of a baby that help her adjust to the environment easily. More of a montessori baby essential checklist.


I believe that a child comes into the world with the belief that an external uterus that takes cares of her nourishment, exists. Breastmilk be provided within the golden hour and as and when required.
Side note- Close proximity of the mother and child, helps both of them.


A newborn is still relating to the environment around her and adjusting to it. It is important that there is an order in her environment. A particular place for feeding, a diaper station, a place to sleep, etc.… Click to read the rest

Top 5 developmental materials for babies- birth to 2 months

Why should one even focus on developmental materials for a newborn? You need not, but I believe the early years set the tone for the rest of the journey and help the adjustment from womb to outside, smooth. Here, I’m listing my top 5 developmental materials for babies from birth to 2 months.

“The new-born child does not come into a natural environment, but into the civilised environment of the life of men. But what providence has prepared a civilisation to assist the new-born babe, man who must achieve the greatest of all efforts of adjustment, when he passes by birth from one life to another.”

Maria Montessori

5. Visual playmobiles

I do not mean the playmobiles placed above the bed or the cradle that lulls babies to sleep. Montessori mobiles are used when the child is awake and active. They help a child develop her visual sense and focus.… Click to read the rest

Language acquisition in babies – montessori from birth

Remember the stages of language acquisition I mentioned? When a child faces challenges in any of the higher stages, we need to go back to the previous ones to check if she has mastered that. In that case, the most important time for development of language is infancy. Read on for how one can provide rich experiences to aid the infant’s speech from birth.


Technically, language acquisition starts much before birth. Sometime between 18-24 weeks of pregnancy, the baby can hear her first sounds- the mother’s heartbeat, the growls of the stomach, etc. Research has shown that the foetus can hear the mother’s voice and other sounds around at about 25weeks.

In fact, in my last trimester, V2 would respond to V’s voice and kick every time she called out ‘babeeee’, or read a particular book to her. It is found that babies respond to lullabies they heard while in the womb.… Click to read the rest