Montessori at home- Help me help myself

Before we proceed into the topic of montessori space at home, let’s do a small exercise.

Imagine, you’ve just joined (or re-joined) work. Today is the first day at work. You are excited, anxious and happy. You cannot wait to explore all there is and establish your talent and prowess. Once you enter, however, you realise that your manager is a giant, literally. The table you work at is humongous, you cannot reach your files or the regulator or coffee machine or AC remote. Every time you need to switch on or off your PC, need a coffee break, feel too hot or cold, you need to ask your manager to help you.
At one point of time, your manager gets tired of you asking, and snaps at you, ” You know what, let it be! I’ll make your coffee myself! And I’ll switch off your PC myself!”” But I want to do it”, you think.… Click to read the rest

Yes! You can do it yourself!- Raising independent toddlers

I consider myself a very Do-it-yourself mom. Every time my girl asks me if she can do something on her own, I tell her, “Yep, do it yourself!”
Our belief is that being independent is the ultimate goal. And as much as we are tempted to, we have to avoid helping her with something she can do on her own.
And because all her chores are child-led, there is dignity of labour and fewer refusals and arguments to do chores.

Age appropriate chores: 0-1

How can an infant be independent? It can’t because she is dependent on us for even her basic needs. But once she turned 6 months , we went the baby- led weaning way. To date, she eats on her own, with us. We get to enjoy our meal happily. But more importantly, she is very keenly attuned to her tummy, and is able to decide exactly how much quantities she needs. … Click to read the rest

eXtinct and Endangered animals: lessons in history and conservation

At one point of time, when V’s  dinosaur obsession was at a peak, the question of why we can’t see them anymore came up very often. We explained to her how they are extinct now. But also that they were real, because we can see their fossils.

“How does an animal become extinct?”

This was a question she kept coming back to. And we kept asking her of possible reasons. She knows about death ( thanks to mosquitoes we kill every night) and figured out it was possible that all dinos just dropped down dead.

Luckily, the Usborne book of dinosaurs has a page on how T-Rexs fought amongst themselves and many died. V accepted this argument for Trex but she still wanted to know how vegetarians like Brachiosaurus could die out. We explored the possibility of something catastrophic like Ice age and she considered it for a few weeks. Recently, we saw the movie Ice Age and she has warmed up(pun unintended) to the idea.… Click to read the rest