Observe the child- the first step to following the child

When parents ask me when to introduce a particular material or how best to teach a particular concept, or which toy or book to choose, I always say, “follow your child”. But what does that mean? Simply observe the child. But how?

What does observation mean?

There was this middle school Science class of mine that became quite famous. At the beginning of the Botany section, I handed each child a humble leaf. Before I had distributed all the leaves, my enthusiastic children had already identified the parent plant and were calling out the names of the plants. I shushed them and asked them to just observe and note their observations.
We then read out each observation and discussed.

A simple observation like “My leaf has 10 veins. ” led to multiple points of discussion like Why doesn’t mine? What is a vein? Does the number of veins change with size.… Click to read the rest

Breastfeeding- an early learning and montessori perspective

The first montessori book I read, although a bestseller,was unfortunately not written by Maria Montessori herself. I remember pausing at a paragraph that suggested solids be started for the infant at 3 months, and they be completely weaned off breastfeeding by 9 months.

Disclaimer- I have been asked time and again, if breastfeeding helps in early learning in any way and if it is, montessori. This article is a result of the ensuing research and reflection, for World Breastfeeding Week. The intention of this post is to initiate conversations on breastfeeding for WBW, which is why only this is mentioned in great detail.

The maternal duty of suckling her own children, prescribed to mothers by hygienists, is based on a physiological principle: the mother’s milk nourishes an infant more perfectly than any other.

Maria Montessori

A simple Google search will give any of us the gigantic list of benefits breastfeeding has, for both, the mother and child- physically and emotionally.… Click to read the rest

The true needs of a newborn- Montessori from birth

Somewhere in my last month of pregnancy, I started making a list of things the newborn and I would need. As I reflected on the needs of my soon to be newborn,  I realized that we focus on the commercial mundane. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the true needs of a baby that help her adjust to the environment easily. More of a montessori baby essential checklist.


I believe that a child comes into the world with the belief that an external uterus that takes cares of her nourishment, exists. Breastmilk be provided within the golden hour and as and when required.
Side note- Close proximity of the mother and child, helps both of them.


A newborn is still relating to the environment around her and adjusting to it. It is important that there is an order in her environment. A particular place for feeding, a diaper station, a place to sleep, etc.… Click to read the rest