So many toys, so little time!

If you have been following my microblog, you already know that
  • Early learning is important because it is the period of rapid brain development.
  • 0-6 years is the Sensitive period for a lot of  skills.
  • Presenting the child with appropriate learning materials is of utmost importance.
  • I have a love affair with Montessorian approach, and try my best to incorporate these practices at home.

Play is serious business, and the best form of learning for children.

Consider this- You show your kid an apple and say ” apple”. Baby repeats.
Now consider this.
You give said baby, an apple.
Baby touches it, feels it, holds it, smells it, throws it, bites it, and asks you what it is.
You say “apple”.
Baby correlates and repeats.
Baby learns.
This is what an ideal toy should do. Promote multi sensory learning.
When a child places blocks, one atop the other and encounters one that doesn’t fit, he is encouraged to think analytically and laterally and solve a problem.… Click to read the rest

Das Din – A baby book with a difference

As conscious parents who want to introduce quality regional language books to our littles, we are always on the lookout for good baby literature.
Ditto me! I was hunting for good Tamil and Hindi books to introduce to baby V. There are quite a few publishers who do this ( we will be covering all in a series) but most of them were for slightly older toddlers.
That is when I chanced upon T4Tales, or rather Tiny Tots Tiny Tales.
Retold by Pridhee Kapoor Gupta and illustrated by Alicia D’souza, this book is a must have for your child’s library.
Read on to find out more about the book and author.
Listing down what we loved about this book
  • Extremely catchy illustrations, including the bright cover page.
  • Interactive. – So this doesn’t just have lift the flaps! From opening doors, to pouring 5 spoons of medicine to measuring the temperature, this one has a wide range of activities.
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