Montessori for the homeschooling beginner

For all the parents who have asked me a quick sum up of the montessori principles, especially, principles you can follow at home, with examples, this one is for you. Im a newbie myself, but these are some principles that have helped us and now we realize, we follow them unconsciously. They have become a way of life at home.

1. A for Action

Maria Montessori believed that movement is directly related to cognition. Children need to move their hands and legs focussed on an activity, guided by their intellect.

So instead of reciting 1 -10 ask your child to count the onions in your basket, or run their fingers on sandpaper numbers. This also doubles up as a sensory activity.

2. B for beauty

You go to a store and see a gorgeous yellow pashmina with detailed embroidery, and a plain crumpled piece of dull grey cloth. Which one are you tempted to touch, run your fingers through?… Click to read the rest