Why I think Dr. Maria Montessori was a feminist

My bio reads “parent, educator, montessorian and feminist”. People often ask me how all of it work together. How does being an educator and a montessorian translate in feminism, especially since child care and teaching is traditionally considered women’s territory in India?

Here are 3 reasons why I think Dr. Maria Montessori was a kickass feminist.

1. She went to an all boys technical school to study engineering. She was first refused admission into medical school. However, she persisted and became one of the first women to practise medicine in Italy. She faced gender discrimination ( for one, she wasn’t allowed to study male cadavers with male students and had to do it after class hours).

2. A staunch believer of equality, she advocated for equal pay in her speech in Berlin in 1896. She was for women following their passions, but also that all sexes do every chore with dignity, which is seen in the philosophy even today.… Click to read the rest

Best books to read during pregnancy – Personal favourites

Of course, there are a gazillion apps, blogs, and websites now to take new parents and parents-to-be through pregnancy. But nothing beats the comfort of a good book. It is like a good friend who has your back throughout the transition. Here are my top favourite books, based on my personal experience. Do note, my experience is limited, and I prefer wholesome and positive books that can be read by both parents (if applicable).

pregnancy books india

My top 2 books to help through pregnancy

Strong as a mother

Most books focus on the size of the growing baby, and the physical changes in the mother. Strong as a mother talks a lot about the emotional changes, upheavals and anxieties, and how to heal.

The Big Fat activity book for pregnant people

If you are a parent-to-be with a sense of humour, this is a must-have for you. With sections like things you cannot do now, practical pregnany shoot tips, it is interspersed with fun quizzes and mazes along with information.… Click to read the rest

Montessori from birth: 4-6 months baby play

Between 4-6 months, the baby starts achieving new milestones, and everyday she learns something new. Her motor skills are evolving – she can grasp and kick with purpose now. She understands direction, and can lift her head up well, while on her tummy. If ready, she may also turn over at this stage. I have outlined a few of our favourite activities and montessori materials for 4-6 months here. This is just a guideline, and you may not need everything from this list in the same order.

montessori baby

Tactile mobiles

mobiles baby

By now, V2 was well into tactile mobiles. Once she started batting her gobbi, we introduced the ring on ribbon, and the wind chimes mobile. You can simply hang a puzzle ball or regular ball or some coloured ribbons above her (ensure they do not overstimulate and are developmentally appropriate). You will notice the baby enjoys batting, clutching and kicking the material.… Click to read the rest