Montessori at home- Help me help myself

Before we proceed into the topic of montessori space at home, let’s do a small exercise.

Imagine, you’ve just joined (or re-joined) work. Today is the first day at work. You are excited, anxious and happy. You cannot wait to explore all there is and establish your talent and prowess. Once you enter, however, you realise that your manager is a giant, literally. The table you work at is humongous, you cannot reach your files or the regulator or coffee machine or AC remote. Every time you need to switch on or off your PC, need a coffee break, feel too hot or cold, you need to ask your manager to help you.
At one point of time, your manager gets tired of you asking, and snaps at you, ” You know what, let it be! I’ll make your coffee myself! And I’ll switch off your PC myself!”” But I want to do it”, you think.… Click to read the rest

In my heart- a children’s book on adoption

One of the many reasons my then friend, now husband, and I connected was on our views on adoption- both of us wanted heart babies some day. But we have had to put that dream on hold for now, due to various reasons. A couple of years back, when I was researching children’s books on this topic, I almost drew a blank, save for a handful of decent ones. Which is why this book makes me personally very happy.

In my Heart by Nandana Dev Sen and published by Penguin India tells the story of little Mia, who is a heart baby. She is a happy girl, and loves her family. She knows she came out of her parents’ heart. She also knows she is similar to her parents. They love a lot of similar things- dinosaurs, books and beaches to name some. One day, she meets her friend’s mom who has a baby in her tummy, and is intrigued.… Click to read the rest

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The Jungle Radio- Book review

All books are beautiful. But some are just downright gorgeous. This is one such.

In The Jungle Radio- Bird Songs of India, aptly published by Penguin Random House, little Gul goes on a walk and encounters a myriad of birds and their sounds. A very simple story at the outset, but so much more.

What we loved

 The story is very simple and straightforward- no suspense and a feel good book.

 I’ve become so much more knowledgeable after V, thanks to her books. I did not know the names of more than half the birds mentioned in the book, until I read it!

 The whole book is written in beautiful rhyme and the bird calls are woven beautifully into the text making reading this book aloud such an enriching and fun experience 

 The sparkly illustrations stay with you for a long time after you’ve read it.

 The index at the end of the book, that names all the birds mentioned, resources used to research makes one applaud the author’s effort.… Click to read the rest

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