Book Rotation- all about your child’s bookshelf

Both V and I, love books. Period. And my dream home involves a huge bookshelf lining a wall of the living room. Because, why would one want to do anything other than flaunt their books, right? Wrong! We have been doing book rotation with V’s collection and it has made a world of difference to us. Rotating books is basically keeping only a part of the books on display or for use, and changing them every so often. Let me take you through it.

All about book rotation

Why Book Rotation?

Does not overwhelm the child
I hate going to the supermarket simply because my list would say oil- but the oil aisle would have twenty different brands with different quantities. It irritates me to check all the ingredients and prices, make calculations in my head, and finally make a choice. Think about how much it would be for a child to choose one book out of a hundred.… Click to read the rest

5 must-have books for toddlers

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks. There is absolutely no substitute for books in a child’s life and toddler-hood is an exciting time for readers. If you, my friend, are looking for book recommendations for your toddler, read on ahead.
When I started choosing books for baby V, I realised that criteria for baby books were different from toddler books. Sharing a few that I am always asked here.
Board book vs paperback
Although most toddlers are still comfortable with board books, it is helpful if you can introduce paperbacks too once in a while. Children learn to read safely, and yes, flipping pages is definitely a motor skill.
We try to lean towards books with realistic illustrations but it is okay to go with cartoony ones too. As long as the child enjoys and the illustration looks familiar.
Books that teach vs story books
I have had people gift me books with titles such as “Good Manners” or “Count from 1-20”.
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5 must-have books for 0-1 years

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. You have an interested baby and parent. But what do you read?
Read on for tips on how to choose books for your infant and the only 5 books you really need in your library for the first year.

How to choose books

A. Sturdy.
You want your child to handle the book too independently. Make sure the book is a fabric book or board book.
B. Colors. 
For babies below 5 months, books with high contrast black and white images are great. We skipped this and used bumper cloths in the same color.
For slightly older babies, the book needs to have brightly colored pages.
C. Size
Big isnt always good. Those small books are perfect for the little fingers.
D. Content
Pick up books that have large, bold illustrations with little or no words.There are opposing schools of thought about realistic vs cartoonish illustrations.
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