Cloth Diapering 101- why I switched to cloth diapers

Cloth diapering – the art and science of turning a shitty situation (literally) into something beautiful.

Speaking about modern cloth diapers specifically. They are basically wonderful inventions that combine the safety of cloth with convenience of disposables.

Well, we have been exclusively cloth diapering for over a year now, and this series has been in my drafts forever. So I thought, why not just publish it now? 🙂

Lets just handle the why now. So if you are a parent-to-be or new parent or anyone on the fence about cloth diapers, this article is for you!

1. Good for your wallet
Let me start off with a confession, all that talk about Mother Earth and everything, but what bugged me when baby V was 3 months was the amount of money I was spending on disposable diapers every month, and I was using disposables only at night. So the work involved in changing langots wasnt sweet either.… Click to read the rest “Cloth Diapering 101- why I switched to cloth diapers”

Motherhood and the Jekyll-Hyde paradigm

There is this saying in Tamil, that a delivery is equivalent to rebirth for a woman. Someone told me it is because, a woman goes through excruciating circumstances and puts her life at risk during birthing. I now realize, that it is because, motherhood changes you into a different person.

Birthing changes you

When Pooja told me that she was attempting the herculean task of bringing together 41 moms from around the world to share how motherhood had changed them, of course I jumped at the opportunity, because I can write about this with my eyes closed, right? How wrong I was. This post is a result of many nights of soul searching and digging deep.

So apart from the very obvious ways in which motherhood has changed me – jeans size, changed priorities, lack of time, exhaustion and the works, I’ve realized that I have become a bundle of paradoxes. Read on.… Click to read the rest “Motherhood and the Jekyll-Hyde paradigm”