Zen parenting- Lessons from my toddler’s questions

I almost started writing about our lessons at the zoo. But today I wind up the Blogchatter A2Z challenge, something I never thought I could get through halfway. The theme was child-led study units that started with questions V asked. For this last post, I’m going to summarize the world of good it has done me, as a parent.

Lessons in letting go of control

Although I taught in a mainstream school with differentiated instruction, we did have a set curriculum that helped me plan my lessons. Early learning is however a different ballgame altogether. I’ve had to learn to let go of the desire to plan every moment and let her take charge of her learning. I only have to facilitate connections in her brain from the environment.

Appreciating the little miracles

I think as adults, we just stop noticing the spirals in the way the fern leaves curl, goats licking their kids, the wonderful symmetry of leaves and animals, the colour of skies, etc.… Click to read the rest

Yes! You can do it yourself!- Raising independent toddlers

I consider myself a very Do-it-yourself mom. Every time my girl asks me if she can do something on her own, I tell her, “Yep, do it yourself!”
Our belief is that being independent is the ultimate goal. And as much as we are tempted to, we have to avoid helping her with something she can do on her own.
And because all her chores are child-led, there is dignity of labour and fewer refusals and arguments to do chores.

Age appropriate chores: 0-1

How can an infant be independent? It can’t because she is dependent on us for even her basic needs. But once she turned 6 months , we went the baby- led weaning way. To date, she eats on her own, with us. We get to enjoy our meal happily. But more importantly, she is very keenly attuned to her tummy, and is able to decide exactly how much quantities she needs. … Click to read the rest

Questions toddlers ask: why and how to encourage

On average, a toddler asks close to 300 questions a day. Compare it to an adult who asks about 20 questions a day. Why is it that we have lost the ability to think and ask? Is it because we know everything, or that we do not care to know? Thinking about was was what prompted me to choose this particular theme on child-led learning for this year’s Blogchatter challenge.

Why should toddlers ask questions? How can we encourage this valuable skill?

What are the questions toddlers ask?

At about 12-15 months, once basic cognition and communication sets in, the frequency of “What if this?” increases. This is a simple vocabulary building exercise. This is followed by who, where and when. And at about 30-36 months, the wonderful world of why begins. This is wonderful because unlike the previous stage, these are open ended questions, and higher level reasoning is required.… Click to read the rest