Questions toddlers ask: why and how to encourage

On average, a toddler asks close to 300 questions a day. Compare it to an adult who asks about 20 questions a day. Why is it that we have lost the ability to think and ask? Is it because we know everything, or that we do not care to know? Thinking about was was what prompted me to choose this particular theme on child-led learning for this year’s Blogchatter challenge.

Why should toddlers ask questions? How can we encourage this valuable skill?

What are the questions toddlers ask?

At about 12-15 months, once basic cognition and communication sets in, the frequency of “What if this?” increases. This is a simple vocabulary building exercise. This is followed by who, where and when. And at about 30-36 months, the wonderful world of why begins. This is wonderful because unlike the previous stage, these are open ended questions, and higher level reasoning is required.… Click to read the rest

Opos cooking- involving toddlers in the kitchen

Toddler cooking

Growing up, the first meal I cooked was when I was about 12 years old. As I started adulting, I’ve realised cooking is a major life-skill. I promised myself that I wouldn’t ever say no if V wanted to help out in the kitchen as a child.
I could never cook when she was asleep, and I remember the early days when I would wear her in my sling and continue my chores. At about 9 months she gravitated towards the kitchen on her own. I think the shiny, steel vessels or different vegetables drew her.

At about 9 months she wanted “work” and set about sorting the onions from the garlic. By one year she was comfortably peeling the skin off onions and mashing potatoes, gleefully.
With Opos cooking, cooking together has just become very natural.

Why cooking?

There are many wonderful things a toddler learns while cooking. Listing some of them here.… Click to read the rest

Folic acid in pregnancy and special smiles

While cleaning out the medicine cabinet over the weekend, I chanced upon the amber coloured folic acid tablet strips. I used to religiously pop them before baby V happened. One of the first things we did once we decided to have a baby, was, to up our healthy lifestyle game. This included me starting my folic acid tablets, because, that is what everyone recommends, no?- to have them regularly, atleast 6 months before conception, right through the first trimester. Of course, all this self care happened before I stepped into motherhood.

But I remember doing a little bit of research and feeling amazed that these tiny tablets of Vitamin B did so much good. At a glance, here is a tiny summary of my research back then

Pregnancy is usually the time women start taking special care of their bodies, and prenatal folic acid supplements starts right at the beginning

Folate helps in the development of the neural tube and also prevents brain and spine defects in the developing embryo.… Click to read the rest