Sleep routine for the win!

Sleep while the baby sleeps“, they said.
Sleep all you can before she pops out“, they said.
And once she was here, every conversation with the sleep deprived mom (me) involved the question “Is she sleeping through the night yet?” (As if her not sleeping through was another evidence of the failure of a mom I was gonna be).
Anyhow by the time she was 6 weeks old, I made peace with the fact that she isn’t going to sleep through the night until a very very very long time. And as long as she understood that nights are for sleeping, Id be grateful.
I am a gentle parenting amma and against any sleep training methods like crying it out, controlled comforting, etc. (Click here to know why)
But what I did, was help baby V settle into a decent sleep for the night as opposed to the night napping she was doing. All I did was create a good bedtime routine for baby V.
Here is how our routine looks like.
1. Half an hour after dinner or the last feed, start with putting toys away and clearing space.
2. Clean up – a gentle sponging and massage for  baby or a warm shower for older child
3. Change into dedicated sleep clothes or pyjamas
4. Read a good book ( Trust me, if you are a non reader parent trying to get your child interested in books, this is gold)
5. Goodnight. A goodnight to all family members and soft toys in our case.
6. Cuddle.
7. And go! Finally either nurse to sleep or put her in the cradle and rock to sleep.
It took us about 3 weeks for results of the routine to pay off, but when baby V sleeps needs to hit the sack at sharp 9p.m even now, I cant help but heave a sigh if relief! ( That she is up at 6a.m to awaken both Amma and Appa is another matter altogether)
Thinking out loud, how wonderful would it be if you had the routine in a box? Say hello to the Bedtime Boxes  from AZ Tuckerbox, the first clothing subscription boxes in India.
Thank goodness, it is run by these 2 moms who understand the hoopla about sleep and new mums!
Unboxed Tuckerbox

Our Bedtime Box loot

Our super affordable PJ box contains 3 oh-so-soft and comfortable pyjamas, 1 cute story book to read to the little and a couple of finger puppets to make the reading session even lovelier, not to mention some cool discount coupons with TuckerPal brands to sweeten the deal! They also have a wonderful range of Tucker Blankies  on their website. Sweet dreams delivered, indeed.
Between you and me, tuckerboxes have become my go to gifting solution for my to-be-mommy friends. The boxes are practical, affordable and classy!
Did you find these tips useful? Do you sleep like a baby? Pffff! Sleep like the husband more like!
Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post. The bedtime box was sent to me for reviewing purpose and the views and love expressed are based on my personal experience after using it.

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