The Jungle Radio- Book review

All books are beautiful. But some are just downright gorgeous. This is one such.

In The Jungle Radio- Bird Songs of India, aptly published by Penguin Random House, little Gul goes on a walk and encounters a myriad of birds and their sounds. A very simple story at the outset, but so much more.

What we loved

 The story is very simple and straightforward- no suspense and a feel good book.

 I’ve become so much more knowledgeable after V, thanks to her books. I did not know the names of more than half the birds mentioned in the book, until I read it!

 The whole book is written in beautiful rhyme and the bird calls are woven beautifully into the text making reading this book aloud such an enriching and fun experience 

 The sparkly illustrations stay with you for a long time after you’ve read it.

 The index at the end of the book, that names all the birds mentioned, resources used to research makes one applaud the author’s effort.

 Lastly, V and I wondered why we dont hear these bird calls any more. All we know are the kaa-kaas. Led us to an insightful conversation on depleting natural habitats and a promise to spot atleast one bird other than a crow on every walk.

Meanwhile, I would like to tell author Devangana Dash. take a bow. We need more non-fiction like this. We need more books highlighting Indian flora and fauna. We need more women authors like yourself.

You can buy the book here.

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